SPECIALIZED PROJECTS CO.LTD (SPC) unceasingly works to achieve distinction in its performance. Accordingly, the company uses systems and procedures to accommodate and reflect its aspirations in using best practice. SPC combines the use of advanced technology with state of the art equipment to realize a client’s development dream.

 In addition to company’s direct labor; SPC manages a network of sub contractors and suppliers from whom the most suitable for a specific job are selected during tender period. This selection is based on strict prequalification criteria like past record, financial stability and experience in resource allocation, while the ability to work within SPC ‘s quality assurance policy is always a preliminary prerequisite.

On contract award, SPC develops a master plan covering the full scope of upcoming activities, which includes the site process in addition to the head office support of several functions like procurement, financial and budget control, quality assurance procedures and monitoring. In parallel, a detailed time schedule is prepared specifically identifying all critical target deadlines. 

Risk assessment is conducted in two directions. The first is concerned with the physical output on site, taking in the health and safety measures, while the other is related to project stability which entails that counter measures are put in place for any expected deficiencies.

Each project is staffed according need and the approved contract, but generally includes a resident project manager, a construction manager and technical office manager.

As on-site organization progresses, a cost-account system is set up and regularly updated to ensure that the expanded funds are within the set budget. 

A quality control plan is developed from SPC ‘s standard control system but adapted to the project’s particular requirements. SPC applies rigid standards of inter-company inspection before handing over the work to the client. 

With its developed, tight-control system, SPC has never failed to stand up for its quality policy statement at all times. 

SPC realizes that in a competitive market, companies have always to improve their efficiency through sharpening their cost structures, bettering the quality of their products and utilizing time saving techniques. 

From that springboard with resilience in the correlation of internal strength and external performance, SPC continuously seeks state-of-the-art solutions to fortify its internal systems. In its continuous pursuit of excellence, SPC is currently undergoing a TQM (Total Quality Management) program in addition to a continuous evolutionary internal review system to enhance productivity and achieve a measurable difference for our clients.